monty-n-brents-flying-dino-blog asked:

Awesome work. I'm reminded of some of Pixar's 2D work or that of Don Bluth (while still having your own definite style). Have you ever considered producing some sort of animated iteration of La Brea at some point?

Aw thanks! (Don’t worry, I really don’t have a problem with people comparing my work to other artists)

Yes! I would very much like to make short animations related to the graphic novel. One being an animated version of the prologue, another being a sort of pre-La Brea story about two characters that appear far into the actual comic. (made a short-description post about the idea here actually). But I’ve really procrastinated on learning how to animate with Adobe’s After Effects.

If I were to animate La Brea in its entirety, which I have thought about, I would probably have it made in CGI, and it’d look dramatically different than the current comic’s appearance.

  • ravlic said: This reminds of those zoological illustrations. Ioa looks too similar to Schaa, unless she’s meant to look like Schaa. I think it’s that their general shapes don’t differ enough e.g. their mouth and eyes are in more-or less the same place.

They’re all supposed to look similar to one another, they’re related meaning they’re from the same litter. A pack of siblings who just found it easier to stick together as adults. I tried to give them all slight but similar features. Schaa and Yichoa’s bodies are basically the same but she’s taller and her face is a bit longer, Ioa looks like a smaller big eared Schaa, Yichoa and Ioa’s mouths are the same shape, their eyes are all in the same relative location, very similar markings, ect. Haha, their names all share mostly the same letters too!

I could defiantly stretch their over all shapes more to reflect their different personalities though. I could also make a comparison sketch between Pack Ominous and the other “canid” characters who show up! In order to show some more variety, I don’t make too generic designs I promise!

Anonymous asked:

Definitely excited for this graphic novel, your art leaves me in awe and inspires me in ways much other art can't. Will you be selling physical copies of the novel when it's finished?

AHH! I’m so flattered!!

Probably first I’ll attempt to get it digitally published (Kindle) but I would really like to have some copies in print, even if only like 30 are ever sold, at least so people who really like my work don’t need an internet connection to see it. If I do get that opportunity, La Brea will be one of the longest full-color graphic novels printed, being upwards of 340 consecutive pages.

I think having digital, hardcover, softcover, and even “pocket sized” options would be really neat to do! To give people the chance to save some money.