Hey guys, I’ve been feeling pretty terrible over the past few weeks. I’ve been having a lot of doubts about myself as an artist, and as a person. So I’m probably not going to be doing much artwork for a while… I figured I’d post some La Brea sketches anyway. I hope you like them! I’m really sorry for not updating the actual comic ever….

la brea concept developement sketches sketchbook


Style trade with raedioisotope hmmm I need to try harder… but at least I was thinking about cockatoos in scarves this week.

And I felt really bad for being super late so I thought I’d repay the favor for the pterosaur and give you an Uncle Gritt fanart because he’s awesome.

Uncle Gritt Designs: First vs Most Recent (2008-2014)

These are the most significant changes to his design and character. It wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to give “La Brea” a lineless visual style. When I did, I realized his old colors wouldn’t work lineless, it just wouldn’t look good, and his facial expressions would be hard to read without lines. Since then, I worked with face markings that would help define different parts of his mouth and eyes from the rest of his head.
The whole look of the comic changed as well. Originally, Uncle Gritt was going to be the only thing with cool color, all other characters, backgrounds, water sky, would all be warm colors. Now, he’s simply the only character design that incorporates a cool color.

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